Marge is the Most Friendly Accounting Solution for Municipal Clerks

Marge Municipal Accounting Program is made for Wisconsin clerks just like you!
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Finally! An Accounting Package Built for Wisconsin Filing!

Most of us hate the hassle of filling out forms. We dread the extra effort it takes to handle the detailed paperwork. The good news is that TownHall Software makes this work easy-peasy with the Marge Municipal Accounting Program! Marge will take care of three major headaches for you and save you time!

Marge Municipal Accounting Program is one of the most friendly accounting solution in Wisconsin because it is. It’s so friendly and convenient to use. It’s an all-in-one package that you can have for an affordable subscription.

It fills your Wisconsin
Form CT
It creates your Annual & Monthly Budgets with ease
It includes a full payroll system with deductions and pay types

Create Great Reports. Save Time.
Use The Marge Municipal Accounting Program.

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Our History

TownHall Software's beginnings started in 1982, when Dave Westerhoff was in the business of building computers and worked with a town clerk by the name of Marge Mueller. She was filling out the State of Wisconsin Form CT and wanted something easier than her DOS-spreadsheet program to track her expenses and revenues. Dave, a serial entrepreneur, started to get the idea that he could build a database that would help her.

Dave spent hours with Marge to find out what she needed. He even drove to Madison to meet with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) to find out what would be the best solution for clerks. He then started a business with the program he built for Marge so he could help other clerks. Marge was very clear: she wanted 'her' software to be accurate and easy to use. It was her direct input that helped make the software what it is today. As our computer business transformed into a software company, Marge's input was invaluable, and in her remembrance, we renamed the software in 2000 to the Marge Municipal Accounting Program. Read More…

TownHall Software, Inc. Gives You Three Unique Advantages

Locally Run & Wisconsin Based
Women Owned and Operated
Cloud Based Platform

Secure Accounting Solution

The Marge Municipal Accounting Program is a secure accounting solution. We have a dedicated server and don't share it with other companies. It is at a corporate datacenter with authorized and certified personnel. The server is monitored 24/7 for cyberattacks. When looking for a secure software solution, we know that the Marge program is your answer - and much more secure than at your home or office computer.


Years of

Take the first steps to improve how your municipality does accounting.

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How We Compare to Quickbooks®

Wisconsin Based Company

TownHall Software is not a $5 billion company headquartered in California. We’re a Wisconsin family business. We don’t just speak English, we speak Wisconsin.

We Do One Thing Well

We do one thing very, very well. That one thing is providing a clerk- and treasurer-friendly municipal accounting package built for you.

Automatically Fill Out Form CT

We solve your problem by automatically filling out Form CT for you! Quickbooks doesn’t touch this with a 20-foot pole.

Plan Your Budget

You can do budgets too! This will save you mountains of time in September, October and November when you need to prepare for the Budget Hearing meeting and plan your municipal finances.


Quickbooks® will charge you extra for the Payroll Module to work with Payroll. Not with TownHall Software. You get everything included as an entire package! 

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