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Desktop Support (Screen Sharing)

Screen Sharing is helpful for support and training.  We can look at data together and is usually accompanied with a member of support staff on the phone. We can shadow your session on the server and we can work together that way, however if it is regarding your connection, your desktop application or your Marge reports file folder, we may need to utilize the Microsoft Quick Assist app on your computer.

When you have a training or support call, be sure that you are logged into the Marge program so we can see you are logged in and ready. If the call requires the Quick Assist remote access, then click on the Windows Start icon:

Then search for the Quick Assist app (in the search bar at the top of the Start menu). It should look like this:

Click to Install and/or Run the app. You will see the following:

Wait for the person at TownHall Software to give you the code to enter. Once they do that, you will receive a message to Allow access. Then you are set to go! The code is only good for that one session.

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